1. I went to watch dewsbury v Leigh 2 years at dewsbury and the ref was so much in favour of Leigh and all a drunk derek Beaumont did was laugh at the decisions because they where going in his favour , now because they can’t bully their way to a title he comes out moaning , after talking to rugby fans at summer bash everybody nobody likes Leigh and everybody wants them to get relegated because they don’t like the owner , everybody gets bad calls throughout the season , just take it like everybody else does

    • Paul there’s no need to start putting us leythers down we are wot we are no back of just cause you haven’t got a ground like us or an owner like us who’s amazing doesn’t mean you have to start saying all this rubbish . We are loud and proud and we’re not going anywhere , just cause ONLY YOU want us relegated doesn’t mean Super League are gonna relegate us!!!! ?⚪️?⚪️

  2. I Have been to Dewsbury many times and every opposing teams passes are forward. Tackles above the ankles are all high. Seems they don’t like to take it like everybody else

  3. Well said Derek it needed saying refs and linesmen are not up to par not professional enough.any sport you wish to mention our ref are the worst and whats more there is nothing we can do about it.There is nothing wrong with constructive criticism thats how we learn but the RFL seem to have blinkers on they do not get it.so I am 100% behind Derek and thank him for speaking out for Super League We should all get behind Derek this is our chance all teams have had a beef with Ref and linesmen let put it right

  4. Irrespective of his ownership of Leigh Centurions Derek Beaumont is right – the standard of the refereeing in S.L is lacking, there are a handful of consistant good ones. Its an area that needs focus from the RFL.

  5. Keep think Leigh are great and hopefully next season you will be back in the championship where you belong and by the way I’m a rugby league fan not a dewsbury fan

  6. Whilst I whole heartedly agree with what he’s saying I didn’t hear him speaking out in Leighs journey to SL status …. funny old world isn’t it

  7. I can’t say owt about the SL refs because I don’t see many SL games. The Championship however, I can comment upon and my main complaint about Championship refs is the inconsistency between them. One ref will ignore some infringements whilst another will punish the same.

  8. I didn’t think the ref had a great game, but I thought he made some mistakes for both teams, and it would be easy for me to say well we scored 38 points, but the real problem was you couldn’t score! But I also think that when a team get over the line and the Ref doesn’t see it, how can he make a decision of whether He thinks its a try or not? I did feel that the try Leigh got at the side of the post would have been given if the Ref had sent it up as a Try instead of a No Try

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