Leigh given cash boost

A group of five rugby-mad Lancashire businessmen held the inaugral meeting of the Leigh Corporate Club yesterday, which is to give Leigh Centurions, a much needed shot in the arm.

The five men are injecting capital into the Rugby League Club and the corporate group will back the club on a financial basis.

The five, Trevor Lloyd, Simon Cooke and brothers Tony, Martin and Sean McCaul are calling for companies and individuals to get behind them and make the Leigh Corporate Club, as it will be known, a huge success.

To become a member, supporters will be asked to pay a monthy fee, the minimum requirement being £25. In return they will have their own page in the club’s programme and have a voice in how the club is run. Other perks will include being a VIP guest at certain games.

“The rugby club is a focal point in the town and needs our support. We are urging anyone who cares about Leigh and the club to support us. We can, and will, make a difference,” says Sean McCaul, who with his brothers, Tony and Martin, have just formed McCaul Homes, which will shortly be commencing residential schemes in the area .

The McCaul name is synomonous with house building in Leigh as their late father, Joe and his brother Jack, originally set up in Leigh over 50 years ago and the family still have strong connections with the town.

Trevor Lloyd’s company, commercial and industrial developers, Ordford Investments Ltd is based in Leigh along with Simon Cooke’s estate agent and letting company, Cooke & Company.

The five say members of the new group will by asked to pay by direct debit, but can end their agreement at any time. The more money they donate the more perks they can expect.

“We feel it’s a great way to show support for the club and hopefully make it a winning one again. And it will give supporters a strong voice,” says Simon Cooke .

Chief Executive Allan Rowley said today that the club welcomed the corporate group and hoped it would help achieve the club’s long term goals.

“The five are passionate about the town of Leigh and the club and we hope their enthusiasm and drive will rub off and bring in more like minded people. It’s a major boost for the club and an indication of exciting times ahead.”

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