Leigh appoint Higham as skipper

Leigh Centurions have revealed that Mickey Higham is to be their captain in the 2016 season.

Corey Patterson and Harrison Hansen will be the club’s vice captains.

“I was delighted to inform Micky he was my chosen captain for 2016, and what was equally pleasing was his emotional and positive response to the appointment,” said Leigh coach Paul Rowley.

“Equally, informing Cory and Harrison of their appointments was also pleasing as they were also delighted with receiving the responsibility of assisting Micky.

“I have taken my time on making the decisions as there are a lot of natural and proven leaders in the squad and I wanted to see how things developed amongst relationships with various players.

“I have always maintained that the role of the captain is vital in terms of communicating with me and the rest of the squad in a positive manner.

“On the field the players are leaders in their own rights and Micky, Cory and Harrison can harness that and ensure a great level of clear communication between the staff and the players which is key to any successful organisation.”

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