Leeds mindful over try celebration punishments, says Richard Agar

Leeds coach Richard Agar says his side are wary of not celebrating tries after clubs were told they could face fines.

The RFL has warned clubs and players not to celebrate tries or they could be hit with a £250 fine.

Players can fist bump or pat a team-mate on the back but they aren’t allowed to hug each other in the act of scoring a try now as the game looks to reduce the risk of spreading coronavirus.

Agar said: “We’ve been told not to celebrate or to come up with different celebrations so we’ve practiced that in training!

“They have gone down the lines of being fined or facing potential fines for celebrations for what would be deemed as close contact.

“We’ve got to be mindful of that. There is a lot going on and the two week quarantines are hurting the game so we’ve got to respect that, whether that is not going to coffee shops anymore or being at home more.

“Celebrating tries is a big part of us. We think its important that you do celebrate good things on the field or picking your mate up but we are going to have to come up with some acknowledgments we can use without being punished for it.

“You might see some funny celebrations over the next couple of weeks, who knows?”
Agar confirmed that full-back Jack Walker is two to three weeks away from returning to action.
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  1. To be fair some of the celebrations were getting to be like footballers, I wanted to get back to the basic “well done” and a firm handshake but I suppose a handshake is definitely not allowed, although as already said what is the point when there already is physical contact during the game. Are they going to try and stop a player sweating or spitting onto the grass.

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