Lee Radford sacked by Hull FC

Lee Radford has been sacked as head coach of Hull FC. 

The Airlie Birds were embarrassed 38-4 by Warrington at the KCOM Stadium on Thursday night, with Radford’s men having lost four from their first seven games of the season.

Radford has been in charge of Hull for the past seven seasons, and led the club to back-to-back Challenge Cup titles in 2016 and 2017.

Hull owner Adam Pearson said: “Lee and I have decided to call it a day tonight and it was a decision that didn’t rest easily with me. I don’t think we are going in the right direction at the minute so we have decided to go our separate ways.

“I’d just like to place on record the unbelievable job that he has done. He has been a loyal guy who works tremendously hard and he has put his life and soul into the club for seven years so we are going to miss him.

“Lee is no fool and I think he realised with that performance today that aspects of that performance are just not acceptable. we have got to re-group as a club and a team, and pull together.

“It is not a decision that has given me any pleasure whatsoever because he is quality.”


Andy Last will take charge of Hull, with Kieron Purtill being his assistant.

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  1. It’s time he went, there his no room for sentiment in sport , he always moaned about the strength of squad he had and the injuries, so bye bye .

  2. He should have had the sense to walk away weeks ago.
    This is 100% down to the PLAYERS and no one else. They alone are the ones making powder puff tackles, if you call that tackling and as PROFESSIONAL players they should know the basics, obviously not.

  3. It’s always hardest on the manager, but as Leaguefan said its the players who earned him his P45. I take no joy in his sacking as a Rovers fan, these things happen. What happens next is key, where do they turn? Australia, New Zealand, or a British coach? Do they fold like a bad hand, or bounce back and go on a winning run? It wouldn’t surprise me if they went for an ex NRL player currently working as an assistant in the NRL as their first opportunity as head coach.

  4. There are arguments for and against how coaches motivate their players etc. However, I watched Hull destroy my team (Leeds) in the 1st round. The ability they have is unquestionable. The players have the ability and are employed to do a job. I have no affinity whatsoever with Lee Radford, but believe by his words and his actions that he is a genuine person. The players have let him down in my opinion!

  5. Big mistake, radders has done so much for that club, hull fc just had a blip, every team has them, my team leeds had there’s against fc in the first round, Warrington had there’s against us the other week and hull fc has had there’s now, I like radders as a coach, big mistake by the chairman

  6. There needs to be a protocol so that this cannot happen again, to make a scapegoat out of someone like that and to try to humiliate them on TV after a game is in my opinion very unprofessional behaviour on behalf of the Chairman, he is not an executive he is a zoo animal who needs caging or at the very least he needs bringing down a peg or two by the RFL. Lee Radford is a RL Legend and always will be (Wire)

  7. As a leeds rhinos fan I can say my heart goes out to lea .He can only tell the players what to do and if they don’t go out and do the job they are employed to do vit shouldn’t be lea that goes .should bring some young lads on to replace them then they would try that little harder . My boys play for a local team in Beverley and get invited to fc to flag wave and walk on pitch with team and lea always has a chat with them

  8. cut radders in 1/2 and he bleeds black and white. I do also think that adam pearson does truly believe that what he has done is for the best for hull fc. let’s get behind the lads and thankyou radders and all the best.

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