Lee Greenwood calls for attitude and culture change at Dewsbury

Dewsbury coach Lee Greenwood has called for a “culture and attitude change” at the club after suffering a 34-0 defeat to York.

Greenwood, who took charge of the club during the off-season, made seven changes to the side that were narrowly defeated by Bradford last weekend, handing opportunities to a number of fringe players.

Looking at the bigger picture, Greenwood believes there’s plenty of change needed for the Rams.

“There’s a lot of work still be done and it’s not going to be done within a few weeks or even a few months,” he conceded.

“There’s a big culture and attitude change that’s got to happen from the players. That’s what we’re going through now.

“We’re probably at level one if you’re looking at ten levels. We’re miles off, absolutely way off where we need to be and where we want to be going forward and we’re miles off where we want to be.

“How quickly we’re going to get through those levels I’m not sure. It’s on the coaching staff and the players to get there.

“I think tonight probably showed what some of what the coaching staff already knew, in that some lads aren’t ready for this level yet.

“There were some lads for us tonight who, without being too harsh, you might not see too much of during the season.”

The Rams kick off their 2019 Championship campaign with a trip to Rochdale Hornets on Sunday, February 3 (3pm).

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