Brief HistoryRugby League began being played in Lebanon in 2002, and is mainly based in Australia, with players of Lebanese heritage. In 2002, a domestic league was set up, initially with four university-based teams. It moved from its first headquarters in Sydney to Biakout in Lebanon, in an attempt to get more Lebanese players playing the game.Recent Matches & ProgressInternational Game RecordsThe Cedars are the main international team, but an emerging Lebanon team has been set up to give Lebanese based players the chance to develop their games. Currently ranked 4th in the recently published European Rankings, Lebanon won both the 2003 and 2004 Mediterranean Cup competitions.Lebanon 64-6 Serbia (2 October 2004)
Lebanon 48-14 Morocco (5 October 2004)
Lebanon 42-12 France (9 October 2004)
Lebanon 102-0 Serbia (19 October 2003)
Lebanon 60-0 Morocco (22 October 2003)
Lebanon 26-18 France (25 October 2003)
Lebanon 36-6 France (2 November 2002)
New Zealand 64-0 Lebanon (29 October 2000)
Wales 24-22 Lebanon (2 November 2000)
Lebanon 22-22 Cook Islands (5 November 2000)
Lebanon 104-0 Morocco (1999)
Lebanon 62-8 USA (1999)
Lebanon 36-16 Italy (11 Novermber 1999)
Japan 52-28 Lebanon (1998) Future DevelopmentWith the main basis of players being Australian, the Lebanese RL will be looking at developing more home grown players through the emerging side, as well as increasing the popularity and participation of its domestic competition.Club TeamsContact InformationThe domestic game consists of 5 teams, who play the Championship every Spring and Winter. The teams are AUB, LAU, UOB, NDU and USEK http://www.lebrl.com/

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