Lebanon and Italy to play historic women’s series

Italy and Lebanon are set to play an historic women’s international series this year, in a female version of the Mediterranean Cup.

The two-match series will take place in Jounieh, Lebanon, on February 25, and in Italy on May 5.

“Developing the women’s programme has not been an easy task in a country where sports in general is not really professionally respected, but the importance of that journey was the struggle,” said Lebanon women’s coach Ghassan Dandash, who is also a Director of Jounieh RLFC.

“After five years of trial and error and after two of consistent development, the women’s side of the game is now up and running with multiple teams playing and it was only natural to create the opportunity for these young athletes to represent their country in an international match, the highest pinnacle.

“It is difficult to play an extremely demanding sport like rugby League and build an efficient team for a Test in a short period of time.

“But we are at one with our players in their resolve and we have come a long way in training.”

FIRL vice president and joint-coach of the Italian women’s side, Tiziano Francini, believes that this is an important step forward for rugby league in both countries.

“This is a tremendous moment for the Italian rugby league movement, the first female international matches in our history against our friends from Lebanon,” he said.

“We started with women’s rugby league in November and can now call on 100 woman players across three regions. This is planned to be the first step to setting up a women’s domestic championship.”


Rania Abdallah, Carla Badawi, Kelly Bardawil, Mariam Dakka, Sarah Kannan, Loubna Sasso (AUB) Maria Zahar, Maria Antoun, Tara el Khazen, Melanie Haddad, Sacha Missir, Michele Nader, Joelle Saadeh (Jamhour), Lynn Acra, Mia Daoud, Reem Dahdouli, Elsa Gharious, Nadine Kibbi, Mia Kesserwani, Marina Keyrouz, Terese Keyrouz, Douha Knio, Sarah Menassa, Nada Mufarrij, Karen Roukoz, Nayla Saniour (Jounieh) Charline Azar (LAU), Sarah Awad, Youmna Bebery, Elyssa Boulos, Mayssa Hallak, Camila Hamzeh, Miriam Hattem, Maria Moubarak (Orcas)


Virginia Pinarello, Silvia Capello, Chiara Gubernale, Viviana Forgiarini, Giorgia Pratelli, Anna Barro (Comitato Nord-est), Valentina Virgili, Marika Ascione, Benedetta Pina, Simona Gazzera, Silvia Gai, Elisa Salvatore (Comitato Nord-ovest), Marina Gueli, Giuliana Zaffarana, Ludovica Gurrieri, Oliwia Di Martino, Irma Sanna Passino, Eugenia Indaco (Comitato Sud)

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