League gents to embark on extraordinary journey to honour Steve Prescott

The Steve Prescott adventure is set to continue this year, even though the great man is no longer with us.

Steve’s friend Jimmy Gittins, who was paralaysed from the chest down as a result of an injury sustained playing rugby league, has put together a team of league personalities who are set to complete a gruelling hand cycling journey, recreating the famous ‘Walk Against Cancer’ of 2007.

The hand cycles mean that all able bodied participants will experience the same hardships as their disabled comrades, as they travel from Hull to Old Trafford, from October 5 to 10.

To add to the adventure, the team will not be staying in hotels, but camping at amateur rugby league clubs along the way.

Gittins completed several challenges alongside Prescott while Steve was alive, including a parachute jump, cycling across France, paddling a dragon boat down the Thames and their final challenge, ‘The Race to the Grand Final’ in 2012.

“My big motivation behind this is that when I met Steve he unknowingly gave me direction of where to go in life after suffering my own adversity,” Gittins explained.

“We had very common ground between us, even though we were facing very different situations and problems.

“Steve had terminal cancer and was told he was going to die. I was very much alive but really didn’t want to be here at times.

“Two very different situations, two very different fights. But we both had the one same thing – our very strong state of mind.

“The reality is that many problems in life we face, we can change and do something about . We just need vision and direction, and other people around us , though we might not know it, can help us.

“Just Never Give Up.”

The full team consists of: Ryan Glynn and Mike Burnett (who have sustained serious injuries playing Rugby League), rugby league legend, Danny Sculthorpe; rugby league photographer, Andy Davies; Mick Bradshaw from Sporting Image; Phil ‘The Captain’ Cooper; State of Mind Sport and Steve Prescott Foundation Ambassador, Andy Reid who lost three of his limbs in Afghanistan; and MOCHA TV Film Company Director Owen Cotterell and John Moores University student mental health nurse, Will Stringer.

Question & Answer Forums will take place every night at the following locations:
The Altisidora Beverley October 4th
Sharlston Rovers ARLFC October 6th
Thornhill Trojans ARLFC October 7th
Waterhead ARLFC October 8th
Thatto Heath Crusaders ARLFC 9th
The extreme challenge had kindly been sponsored by 5 Boroughs Partnership NHS Foundation Trust www.5boroughspartnership.nhs.uk/ and has been supported by
Cyclone Mobility.

Donate to the cause at https://www.justgiving.com/thejourney2015/

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