Kristian Woolf would love for Tonga to play Samoa in the Pacific Islands

Kristian Woolf Tonga

Tonga coach Kristian Woolf has called for a structured and suitable international calendar to be introduced on the back of this year’s World Cup.

Woolf’s side reached the quarter-finals of this year’s tournament, where they fell short to Samoa 20-18 in a thrilling Pacific showdown in Warrington.

Woolf wants to see a planned and structured calendar brought in to help the international game grow.

“It’s frustrating,” Woolf said of not knowing when their next fixtures are. “I’ve been involved now for nine years and it’s never been anything different.

“I certainly hope that going forward we can get past that and have a suitable international calendar that involves all the teams and gives teams like Tonga just as much opportunity as Australia, New Zealand and England.”

“We’re not quite sure what’s next. I know there are some plans for international footy next year and things like that. Where we sit, we’re not quite sure yet but the future is bright and we’ll certainly have stronger teams moving forward.”

Kristian Woolf would love to welcome Samoa to Tonga for a game

Woolf says he’s not sure what would be the best international schedule moving forward, but would love for his side to play Pacific neighbours Samoa in Tonga at some stage.

“What would be best I’m not quite sure,” Woolf said of the international schedule. “There’s a lot of things that I think would be great.

“I’d love at some stage to take Tonga back to Tonga and play Samoa there. I think that would be outstanding.

“I’m sure Samoa would like us to go to Samoa as well at some stage. That’s certainly something we need to look at.

“It’s always great to come over here (England) and I know that the game over here needs international rugby league and thrives on international rugby league and that’d be great as well.

“What’s actually best for us? I don’t actually know until something is put on the table.”

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