Koukash warns of consequences for Hock

Salford owner Dr Marwan Koukash is fully expecting Gareth Hock to line up against his club for Leigh in the Challenge Cup this Saturday.

He has, however, also reminded people that Hock does have a legal agreement with Salford, and that there could still be consequences for Hock personally.

“Hock is obviously going to play and I respect Leigh as a club,” Koukash wrote in his Manchester Evening News column.

“The on-going issue with Hock is between us as a club and him. Let him play against us I say.

“He is an adult and when he left Salford and signed for Leigh he entered two conflicting agreements.

“He knows this. It is up to him to decide which one he breaks. I had an agreement with Gareth.

“The contract we have is legally binding but no doubt he plays against us at the weekend.

“If Hock decides to break an agreement, then what I will say is that there are things that may happen in the aftermath of Saturday’s game.”

Koukash also stated that his club had no interest in signing Ryan Brierley from Leigh, even if rumours to that effect had kicked into life again.

“We have been linked with Ryan in the past but were told he was not for sale,” he added.

“Fair enough. This was the end of the matter. There have been no fresh developments on our part.”

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