Koukash wants to replace Magic Weekend with Nines

Salford owner Dr Marwan Koukash clearly does not think much of the concept of Magic Weekend.

Indeed, he would replace the event with a Nines tournament, like the NRL Auckland Nines, if it was up to him.

“Please tell me what is magic about Super League’s Magic Weekend?” he asked, rhetorically, in his Manchester Evening News column.

“I find the word ‘magic’ very misleading in all of this. I am certainly not a fan of the Super League Magic Weekend under its current format.

“It does absolutely nothing for me simply because it is offering nothing different from what we are seeing every weekend here in the North of England. I feel it is time to try something new in order to generate more interest and attract an even bigger crowd.

“My personal preference is a nines competition like they have in the NRL. I would also open it up to clubs from the Championship.

“I would want these fans to all also feel part of what could be a very special occasion providing it was given the right kind of support and backing.

“We play Super League and in my view, this should only mean two games against opponents – one at home, the other one away.

“It’s pointless going out on the road. Here we are again playing Widnes three times. Wigan take on Leeds again.

“To miss out on a top eight finish say by a point would be very frustrating if this came about because of what happened in one of these extra games.

“It is definitely time for a rethink. I am a great supporter of rugby League – I always will be – but let’s stick to home and away fixtures.”

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