Koukash reveals Fages is on sick leave

Salford owner Dr Marwan Koukash has confirmed that Theo Fages is currently on sick leave from the club.

Fages was in the news last week when his resignation from Salford was made public. The Frenchman wants to leave, and the matter is now set to be decided by tribunal.

“Theo actually resigned about two or three weeks ago,” Koukash explained, writing in his Manchester Evening News column.

“We rejected this and were under the impression he was now wanting to go to a tribunal. He can do this but if this happens, the club is confident of its position.

“I still have a great deal of respect for the kid. What I will say though is the Theo were are now talking to is not the Theo we have spoken to and dealt with in the past.

“We agreed to his transfer request back in May and told him we were prepared to listen to offers but nothing has materialised on this front and it has now come to this.

“After we rejected his resignation, he submitted a sick note and is currently on sick leave.”

Fages will also not be allowed to leave the club on loan this season, with Koukash blaming the influence of agents for creating situations such as this.

“I really do feel that some players in the game, especially the younger ones need better protection,” he added.

“Small time agents and small time lawyers may well be getting inside their heads and unsettling them and this is wrong.

“I really do feel for Theo in all of this but we are now prepared to let him go if the deal is right for the club.

“We did tell and assure him we were prepared to listen to offers back in May. We are not prepared to let him go out on loan.

“He is a valuable player and you should pay accordingly when you want such a player. This is what I would expect if I was buying.”

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