Koukash returns fire at Green


Salford owner Marwan Koukash has defended his club against questions made by Bradford Bulls boss Marc Green over the Red Devils’ use of the Super League salary cap.

According to a report, Green has queried the RFL about Salford’s treatment of the cap and the contract of Tony Puletua while at the club, as well as the RFL’s investigation into this case.

Koukash took to Twitter to respond on Sunday evening.

In one tweet he said: “the claim was withdrawn in a court of law. Somone here trying to hide his failure at getting his club back to SL.”

Koukash went on to deny on social media any alleged wrongdoing by the Red Devils.

“If a court of law after a 2 day hearing did not find our club guilty , why is he asking the RFL to investigate the same case,” the Salford chairman tweeted.

“All clubs has the right to award their ” player of the year” with a prize as it sees fit. Why is he asking the RFL to investigate.

“Since early October, we have been fully cooperating with the RFL investigators and will continue to do so to clear our name.”