Koukash plans to fight on

Salford owner Marwan Koukash says his fight with the RFL is not over despite losing his appeal.

Koukash told Sky Sports News this morning he plans to battle on.

“Right now I feel is it unjust,” he said.

“Until I get the wrritten judgement, I feel it is unjust. We have done sometting wrong, not declare the payments, but is that really worth a six-points deduction?

“Once I get the written judgement I will run it my past QC and it will not end there. Irrespectcve of us getting the six points or not, there are questions the RFL have to answer.

“It might be the end if terms of us getting the six points ro enable us to compete in the top eight, but my fight with the RFL is not over.

“I will not stop here. This is not the end.”

Salford lost its appeal against the six-point deduction today. Koukash maintains that the Red Devils did not go over the salary cap.

“We did not break the salary cap,” he said.

“The six-point deduction is actually for breaching operation rules.cThis is not going to end.

“Their inability to main salary cap logs is unbelievable.”

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