Koukash: I’ve failed Salford

Salford owner Marwan Koukash says his three years in charge of the Red Devils have been a failure.

Koukash took over Salford in 2013 but the club have yet to finish higher than 10th during his ownership despite splashing the cash on the playing roster.

“I think I’ve failed miserably,” he said told BBC’s Rugby League Extra.

“I’ve not advanced the club as much as I would have liked, although we have a better team than we did in 2014.

“One of my main goals of the time was to grow the club, and that means commercially and the fans coming to the ground, now attendances this year are almost half of what they were when I came in.”

Salford faces an appeal this month over their deduction of points for salary cup infringements.

Koukash said the case is “very simple”.

“There was a claim that was made in the judgement letter that we breached the cap by x amount of money by x amount of days,” he said.

“I’ve got now the hard evidence, stop speculation as I have got it in black and white, that shows we have not breached the salary cap.”

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