Koukash frustrated by Salford’s small crowds

Salford owner Dr Marwan Koukash has admitted that he is frustrated by Salford’s crowds this season.

Indeed, he insists that the small number of fans coming to the AJ Bell Stadium has troubled him more than the team’s inconsistent on-field displays.

“I cannot continue to work with a 3,000 gate. The club needs 6,000 or 7,000 as I’ve always said I want to build a club that can financially sustain itself,” he told BBC North West Tonight.

“If being here keeps fans away then we need to ask why. If you can’t solve them and get people to work with you, you have to consider other options.

“The fans are probably more frustrating for me than the on-the-field performances we’ve had this year.

“This stadium is a fantastic stadium. It’s one of the best rugby league stadiums in this country but there are issues that need to be addressed; accessibility, matchday experience, etc.”

Koukash has also confirmed that he remains interested in buying an NRL team, although he sees that project as complementing what he is doing at the Red Devils.

He has been linked with making a bid for the Newcastle Knights.

He also intends to complete his purchase of Championship One outfit Swinton Lions as soon as possible.

“Is it likely? It’s very, very likely,” he said, regarding the NRL purchase.

“But it needs to be the right deal for me personally, for the club in Australia and for my vision of what I’m trying to create – an international partnership for Salford and an NRL club.

“I have no intention of leaving Salford, provided that I can deliver what I had hoped to and that is grow the club.

“We’ve talked about buying Swinton and that is still a very, very strong possibility,” Koukash said. “For the last six months I’ve had a professional team make a proposal to develop an area behind the town hall, where it will end up with a decent stadium for Swinton to play in.

“Once we are given the green light, I’ll go ahead and complete the purchase of Swinton.” 

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