Koukash declares Gold Coast interest

Salford owner Dr Marwan Koukash has stated that he is ready to buy troubled NRL outfit Gold Coast Titans.

He has also hired a consortium of Australian-based business professionals to perform due diligence on him taking a majority stake in the Queensland outfit.

According to media in Australia, the NRL want to stabilise the Titans before allowing in any more private investment.

But Koukash is ready and waiting to purchase the club’s licence, with big plans rumoured.

There are reports that he wants to take Titans games to the USA and Dubai in a bid to boost their global brand awareness.

“You can say I have stepped things up. I have decided investing in an NRL club such as the Titans is the right way,” Koukash told Australian reporters.

“We’ll see what develops over the next few months, but I have asked some people in Australia to look into it for me. I won’t say how much money I am prepared to spend, I will disclose that to the NRL.

“But I am serious and this opportunity [to buy the Titans] works for me because I would only ever look at a club if I had the majority share.

“If the NRL and the Titans are looking for a majority shareholder, that will suit me just fine.”

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