Koukash could take action after bottle incident

Salford owner Marwan Koukash could take action after accusations that a Warrington player threw a bottle at Reds fans surfaced.

Koukash\’s Salford were thrashed 68-10 by Warrington on Saturday and the incident is alleged to have happened after a Wolves try.

Koukash said: \”If it is the fault of our fans and they didn\’t tell me the truth then I will deal with them.

\”But we will take this further because we don\’t want to see things like that.

The Rugby League match commissioner Ian McGregor dismissed the accusations after the game and remains confident that no item was thrown at Salford fans.

He said: \”\”A try had been scored by Warrington and the ball had been thrown into the crowd in a form of exuberance.

\”At this point a Salford fan had obviously got upset and threw a plastic bottle onto the field of play.

\”This bottle was then picked up by [Warrington player] Ben Westwood, shown to the Salford fans and given to a steward. Both the in-goal judge and the touch judge saw this happen.

\”I spoke to one of the photographers who showed me some stills on his computer and it shows quite clearly Ben Westwood handing the bottle to the steward.\”

Defeat for Salford on Sunday saw them slip to the bottom of the Super League table.

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