Koukash confident of Super League split

Marwan Koukash says he is confident of gaining enough support to engineer a split of Super League from the RFL in the next few months.

Koukash is talking to the other 11 club chairman and is hoping to have a meeting with them in the next fortnight.

Koukash believes there is support for a vote of no confidence in the RFL.

“There’s a lot of support,” he said today.

“It’s something I will working very hard on. I believe it’s the right time, it’s now or never.

“In the past there have been many cases to do a similar thing and it reminded me of a snowball effect. It grows, you leave it and it melts and you have to start it again.

“The future of the sport lies in the hands of the 12 chairmen of Super League. Super League should have full control of its finances, its compliance unit, refereeing and the lot.

“I’m talking about a split, I think it will happen – I believe I just need a majority vote. I have no intention of being the leader of the move, I’m probably the least experienced chairmen. I need their backing.”

Koukash said with the rising power and financial might of the NRL, he fears for the future of rugby league in the UK.

“I think the sport is facing a lot of challenges,” he said.

“If we’re not careful, not only becoming a feeder compeitition to the NRL, but becoming a semi-professional sport.”

Koukash said he doesn’t think the RFL leadership is capable of taking Super League to the next level and meeting these challenges.


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