Klemmer praises Scotland’s performance

Kanagroos enforcer David Klemmer says Scotland did their country proud with a spirited performance against Australia on Friday night.

The Scots went down 54-12 to a ruthless Kanagroos side in the Four Nations opener, but managed to score two tries and keep the green and gold out on a number of occasions.

“It was a good game and it’s good for Scotland,” Klemmer said.

“They’ve got a lot to play for, with their country, and a lot of pride. They did well tonight and did their country proud.

“We just wanted to start strong and there’s things we wanted to improve on from the New Zealand game. It was a good run and they were really competitive.

“We just stuck to our structures moving forward and I think we did well tonight.”

The match at the KC Lightstream Stadium was the first time Klemmer had played international rugby league in the UK.

“I loved it, it was good,” he said.

“The preparation went really well and the weather’s been pretty good too, it hasn’t been too cold. The pitch was really well looked after.”

At one point in the Scotland game Klemmer got tangled up with rival prop Adam Walker, with punches looked set to be thrown.

The incident ended without fisticuffs and Klemmer admitted after the match he didn’t know that punching wouldn’t automatically end with a yellow card, unlike the rule in the NRL.

“I didn’t know until after the game,” the Bulldogs forward said.

“He probably knew but I didn’t know, so if he got me he probably would have dropped me. I heard the crowd booing him as well, so he wasn’t too popular.

“But he was actually a good bloke after the game. He said he was going to St Helens so I wish him all the best.”

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