Kevin Sinfield: The Extra Mile- The Inside Story Review

Kevin Sinfield

On Tuesday night, Leeds premiered the film that allowed us behind the scenes with Kevin Sinfield and his incredible Extra Mile fundraiser.

In the aid of the Motor Nuerone Disease (MND) Association and the Rob Burrow Centre at Leeds Hospital, Sinfield has raised over £2 million doing this challenge.

Sinfield was looking for his next challenge, after completing seven marathons in seven days in aid of his former teammate Burrow and the MND Association.

The whole challenge came about when he was sent an article about a Last Man Standing challenge in America. The point of the challenge, is that you have to run for around six-and-a-half kilometres, before starting again on the hour.

He was then able to work out that he would be able to run in that format between Leicester and Leeds for 24 hours.

The film showed the trials and tribulations of the challenge. From the highs, seeing people deck the streets with their support, to the lows of fighting the fatigue and cramp.

Overall, it made for a really gripping story to tell.

An emotional story for a great cause

Just like the Seven in Seven, Sinfield’s only goal was to help out his friend and former teammate Burrow, as well as the wider MND community.

During the run, he allowed people from the community to ring the bell. This was to let the runners know they had two minutes before they had to start again.

The 41-year-old said he was “touched” by some of the stories he had heard from people who had rang the bell. He was also very keen to thank everyone for coming out, and supporting the challenge.

He was clearly humbled by the support, saying he was close to tears a few times.

Along the way, he was joined by former teammates, as well as Burrow’s wife and daughter, which helped him over the line.

This allowed us to see a different side to the challenge, a side not everyone would have seen. It made it feel a lot more real, the fact you could see every side of the challenge.

What’s next for Sinfield?

In what was a true testament to Sinfield, he also said he was looking ahead to next year. Although he did say he was no rush to run that length again.

He has already raised just under £5 million overall for the cause, and he is not done there. He has previously stated he would not stop fundraising until there was a cure for MND.

A lot of people are also campaigning to get Sinfield knighted.

The way Sinfield has been able to unite both codes of rugby. Not just that, but two of the biggest clubs in the country, is an incredible achievement. Any accolade he gets would be highly deserved.

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