Kelly bemoans poor start from Giants

Huddersfield coach Andy Kelly says his side had a poor opening to the match last night and were always chasing the game.

The Giants were knocked out of the Challenge Cup at home by Wakefield.

“It was a really poor start to the game,” Kelly admitted.

“I always thought our performance was just under theirs. Wakefield played well, they were very clinical at times.”

“You can’t do anything but wish them well.”

Kelly said he is expecting to be in the heading coaching role for at least another week. He admitted the pressure is on Huddersfield with the Middle 8s and the threat of relegation looming.

“The Middle 8s are looming for the club,” he said.

“The club ahs to come up with a very geniune collective effort.

“At the moment we’re not there, we’re a long way off. That’s the worrying sign.”

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