Keighley secure future

Keighley have announced that the future of Rugby League at Cougar Park has been secured by the signing of a new 60-year lease on the stadium.

Following extensive negotiations with United Co-operative, who own the land on which Cougar Park is built, and the Rugby League Facilities Trust, a new lease has been agreed that will give the Cougars security of tenure to 2069.

Neil Spencer, the chairman of Keighley Cougars, said: “I would like to express the Cougars’ appreciation to both the Co-operative and the Rugby League Facilities Trust for their help in achieving this new agreement.

“When Colin Farrar and I bought the club back in 2001 both the Co-operative and the RFL bent over backwards to help us keep the Cougars operating and I don’t think many people appreciate what they did to help us keep going.

“Because the new lease is for such a long period of time we can now take a view, along with our partners the Co-operative and the RFL, about how the site is to be developed and concentrate on the club’s sporting and community activities.”

Under the terms of the new agreement the Rugby League Facilities Trust will take a lease on the land and Keighley Cougars will become their tenants.

Welcoming the development, RFL Chief Executive Nigel Wood said: “This is great news for Keighley Cougars, Rugby League and United Co-operative.

“The existing arrangements were to expire this month and we are delighted that we have been able to sign the new agreement that will see Keighley Cougars play at Cougar Park for at least another 60 years.

“I would like to thank the Co-operative and the RFL Facilities Trust for their support in granting the new lease”.

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