They said: “We hope you can consider what we have to deal with behind the scenes. If the fans want a club that is mid-table League One, then we can deliver that – it will be much less stressful and significantly less expensive. We personally want better. It’s time for you all to decide what you want for this club.”

Webster will take interim charge of Cougars while they hunt for a replacement to Foster.

But incredibly, Foster wasn’t the only previous Keighley head coach to be subject to public scrutiny: with the Cougars also revealing why they sacked Rhys Lovegrove last year.

“In 2023 we parted ways with the previous coach,” they said. “We kept the reasons why private and put out a generic statement of it being ‘results based’. We took a lot of heat for this, with fans understandably questioning why.

“We can tell you now, that in firing a coach means dealing with a human who deserves to be protected so he can rebuild his career. We therefore kept back the various reasons why.

“The then coach was causing levels of disruption behind the scenes that no employer would tolerate. We regret we kept it under wraps, as the coach got a free-pass and the club suffered for that.”

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