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Also, I’ve decided to make my ‘Talking Rugby’ column weekly instead of fortnightly, so I can get more of my views on rugby league to you all more often.

In 2005 and 2006 I noticed that Sky Sports drastically improved their coverage of cricket. They showed a lot more of the sport, including in the summer Cricket AM, and to me they tried to push the sport forward. In 2007 Sky seem to be doing exactly the same but with the best game of all, Rugby League.

This year Sky have included more coverage on Sky Sports News and the Sky website. Super League is now in HD, there is going to be one National League game per week televised from April on Sky and much more. This can only be good for the sport.

But this leaves the BBC's coverage of rugby league falling behind, I can't understand why they have not attempted to buy the TV rights for the National League (Northern Rail Cup) this would do wonders for their image for rugby league fans.

Now: the good, the bad and the Newton. That last sentence basically sums up his career. He is a talented player who has won trophies with Wigan and Leeds in the past, but has also faced the disappointment of being a losing finalist.

He has never been short of controversy either – he has whacked a couple of players over the last few years, including a couple of Saints players. He won't be getting back on Saints’ Christmas card list after taking out Wilkin. He needs to calm down or at some point he could cause an incredibly serious injury to someone.

Huddersfield have been quite unlucky really and have played well but haven't got any points to show for it. They have played four very difficult fixtures to open the season and their fixtures get slightly easier and I wouldn't be surprised to see them pick up rather soon.

They have a massive game this weekend against Hull FC, whoever loses goes bottom, so it's a massive game, it could kick-start the season for the winner but the loser would be in deep trouble. However, it's only early doors so the Giants have nothing to worry about yet to be fair.

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