Keating feeling the bite

Parramatta hooker Matt Keating has suffered a novel injury – a bite from his family dog – which will see him sidelined for several weeks.

The 24-year-old suffered a “playful accident” while playing in the backyard with his Aussie bulldog and was subsequently hospitalised.

Despite not suffering any nerve or tendon damage, Keating is still likely to be fit for around three weeks.

“We were mucking around and wrestling when I fell over and took his weight with me and got my finger caught in his mouth,” said Keating.

“My partner Sarah took me to my local hospital and I realised I’d done some decent damage, so I consulted the club doctor Steve McNamara and head trainer Craig Catterick. I stayed in hospital overnight and had surgery today and the good news is there’ll be no lasting problems.

“It’s just one of those things that can happen; we were just mucking around.”

Keating is expected to be released from hospital tomorrow and will make a full recovery.

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