Kear happy as Wakefield beat Dewsbury

Wakefield director of rugby John Kear described Trinity’s Challenge Cup victory at Dewsbury on Friday as “a very professional performance”.

Mason Caton-Brown scored four tries to help Wakefield to a 54-6 win and seal a place in the quarter-finals.

“Obviously these games can be banana skins as Huddersfield (who lost against Swinton) found out in the last round, so we came here fully focused and intent.

“I’d like to give Dewsbury a pat on the back because they are doing it tough at the moment, yet I thought they showed plenty of spirit and some of their on-line defence was very, very desperate – they played well.

“I like to think we play a good brand of rugby league and you only have to look at the number of tries our wingers score.

“Everyone goes on about Castleford and the tries their wingers score but ours aren’t bad either. It’s exciting for the fans to watch.

“I think it was tough on Mason to score four scorchers like that and not get (the sponsor’s) man of the match.

“Liam (Finn, who was given the award) is very important to our team – he has an old head on young shoulders and settles everything down in a composed manner and both his kicking out of hand and off the tee was sublime.”

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