Kallum Watkins’ come and get me plea to Super League clubs

Former Leeds captain Kallum Watkins has been given permission to speak to other Super League clubs, in the wake of Toronto Wolfpack’s ongoing problems.

Watkins, 29, only signed for the Wolfpack from NRL side Gold Coast Titans back in May, but was left in limbo when the Canadians withdrew from the remainder of the Super League season.

It left the England international centre particularly frustrated, as he had turned down other offers to sign a three-year deal with Toronto, whose future still remains uncertain.

He said: “I’m contracted with them, but I came in to that situation it was a good opportunity for me to work with Brian again at Toronto. I anticipated a really exciting journey that I could go on, working with Brian would have been great as well as I felt he got the best out of me at Leeds.

“The pay situation has been really hard, and I feel really sorry for the other players and staff.

“A lot of players haven’t been paid since May so it’s been really hard for everybody involved, for me it’s been really tough, but I look in the perspective of society and what COVID has done for businesses and for people outside of rugby league. There’s a lot of people who are a lot worse off than I am, so I try to keep positive as much as possible.

“Hopefully at some point something might happen in terms of the takeover or the possibility of moving on.

“I want to be playing and to be fair, I am looking elsewhere. I know the new ownership is trying to come in to place, but I reckon that will take a long time to come through and for me, I want to get out and play.

“I am available. I have been available since we found out we weren’t going to play in Super League, they gave us the opportunity to look elsewhere, whether it be short term or long term.”

Watkins scored 132 tries in 256 appearances for Leeds, before leaving to join Gold Coast in 2019 – making a total of eight appearances.

He was allowed to return to the UK back in April to be with his sick father.

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    • Bradford was sleighted regarding what happened with bad owners Argyle on sky promised to honour players contracts and pay them we are now three months down the road and players have still not been paid If the news is correct some have not been paid on time for months why did the super league and Rfl allow them to carry on signing players they could not afford The opinion of most they should not be allowed back into super league for at least a minimum of three years until they have a firm footing and must have some local players in their side they should be docked at least twenty points and limited stay under a budget

  1. Toronto supposedly had a billionaire owner. Fair enough all businesses(and rugby league clubs) have suffered due to CV19 but they didn’t all throw the towel in. Someone once asked me how do you get to be a millionaire or billionaire. I didn’t know it involved not paying your bills. Not paying your players and I assume the rest of their staff is shameful or I could have told him you have to be a greedy pratt.

    • Why are we trying to expanded the game across an ocean when we have not yet made a success of expanding the game around the British isle’s. We seem to be about to invite a Canadian club back into SL for the same reason bulls were kicked out.

  2. The game will be looked at as a total JOKE if they allow TWP back just like that. Send them back down to championship and let them earn there way back up like all other teams! Anything but is a total slap in the face of ALL rugby league clubs.

  3. Agree with others,twp should be dropped to the championship just like Bradford, but the corrupt rfl have one rule for one and one for another,just like the fixing of the challenge cup redraw which saw the teams who should have gone through because opponents exit having to play and no surprise Wigan who should have played get the bye,total fix.

  4. Wolf if allowed back,into nat1.havenewowners vetted for finances.allmones owed to players etc.to be payed before letting them back.but knowing rugby.league they will comeuppance with some cock/bull story and cover up.

    • I’m a widnes vikings fan , have been since 1969 . Just like to say a big NO THANKYOU to Toronto joining the championship we don’t need the hassle of them walking out the championship when thinking’s get tough and if Div 1 have any sense they wouldn’t allow them to join either .

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