Justin O’Neill re-signed with North Queensland for three more years

It was first believed North Queensland centre Justin O’Neill had taken up a one-year option in his contract with the Cowboys, but he had actually signed a three-year deal. 

The 28-year-old, who was linked with a move to Super League in the off-season, has told the story of how the ‘one-year contract option’ gained traction.

But he insists that he signed a three-year deal with the Cowboys last year, which runs until the end of the 2021 season.

In conversation with NRL.com, O’Neill said: “It was really weird because I had spoken to the club last year and they had offered me another three years and I said I was happy to re-sign.

“And then I did an all-in interview and someone said ‘you have taken up your option’ and I sort of said ‘yeah, I am definitely staying’.

“So every interview after that they would say ‘you’ve taken up your option’ and in the end it started to make me rethink to myself ‘I am sure I have re-signed for three years, haven’t I?”

“It kept coming up so in the end I went back and checked with my manager about what had definitely happened… and yes, I had definitely signed for another three years!”

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