Jones-Buchanan: We’ll be back

Leeds back-rower Jamie Jones-Buchanan says he knows what is wrong with the down on form Rhinos and is confident it will be fixed.

The Rhinos lost to Salford on Saturday, their eight defeat of the season. Leeds are currently propping up the bottom end of the Super League ladder with only Huddersfield below.

Jones-Buchanan admits the Rhinos current predictment is one of the toughest periods he has seen in his 18 years at the club.

“It depends on how you measure it, obviously you can look statistically, this will be one of the toughest runs,” he told Love Rugby League.

“But this time I know why and I know what we can do about it. I know it will come pretty quick and it will fix itself.

“It’s a case of we’ve got a car with a flat tyre and a broken drive shaft or something like that. I can take it to the garage and get it fixed and we’ll back running again, it will be the same machine.

“In the past when things have been pretty bad, we’ve had an awful car and just not been performing well enough. At the minute there’s a few things broken but we’ll fix it and we’ll be back.”

Leeds have endured a bad run with injuries and in losing their training facility in the off-season. Long-standing players Kevin Sinfield, Jamie Peacock and Kylie Leuluai all left the Rhinos.

It doesn’t get any easier for Leeds with a confident Hull FC side visiting Headingley next.

The veteran forward said the squad is being tested.

“When I look at the philosophy of the bible and when nations reach their zenith, when they get to the top of their tree and think that everything’s going well then usually a deluge or a disaster or another nation comes and invades and scatters them a little bit,” Jones-Buchanan said.

“These scatters are there asking the question how good are you really? How tough are you when things are really bad?

“Individually we’re all carrying a few knocks, a few niggles, I’ve just come back from a seven-month job. It is what it is.

“There’s nothing I can do about that.

“The biggest thing I learned last year is don’t waste time and energy on things you can’t control but make the most of the things you can and just do that on the day.”

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