Jansin Turgut continues to show good signs after “outbreathing” ventilator

Jansin Turgut has taken another step closer to fully waking up. 

The Turkey international suffered serious injuries after falling from the third floor of a car park at Ibiza airport in May.

Turgut remains in hospital and his most recent surgery was to his hand on Tuesday – but he is showing better signs as each day goes on.

His mum, Carole Butler, tweeted an update: “So our boy has amazed us again with his fight and determination.

“We arrived to see him on Tuesday to be met by the amazing doctor Jesus Gonzales, who told us he had been in surgery again that morning for his hand.

“He said now all his surgeries in Ibiza are complete. They now need to wake him up completely – they had tried this last week – but due to Jansin’s strength and anxiousness in this process, they made the decision to leave him sedated until after his surgery.

“So today, the sedation had been reduced and Jansin began moving and became very restless and I can imagine he was very frightened, not forgetting to mention the pain he was in.”

Turgut’s mum added: “He was still on the ventilator but that started going a bit crazy and flashed red which, for us, was quite worrying because we didn’t know what was happening.

“All the nurses were in the room, the doctor was called and he removed Jansin from the ventilator. He was actually outbreathing the machine, hence why it was flashing.

“He is now breathing on his own with just the equivalent of an oxygen mask. He is amazing, I am so proud of him.

“The waking up process carried on throughout the afternoon and evening until we left at 8pm and he was still fighting it. The nurse said they was giving him more pain relief to sedate him and they will try again tomorrow.”

A fundraising account has been set up to help meet the medical costs of the former Hull FC and Salford star. To donate, click here.

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