Jamie Soward: London can go up

Jamie Soward says he has made no decision yet on where he will be playing in Super League next year but is confident he can help London get promoted this season.

Soward landed in the UK this week and will make his Broncos debut on Sunday against Batley.

The head-geared halfback has arrived as London prepare for the Middle 8s and a chance of going back up to Super League.

The former Penrith Panthers stand-off is adamant London can secure promotion.

“I’m over here to do a job and get promotion with the team to Super League,” Soward told Love Rugby League.

“Of course [we can get promoted], just look at the results they’ve had during the year.

“They’ve been consistent, they’ve played Leigh away and at home and they’ve lost the result against Leigh.

“Last time wasn’t great and I think there’s a squad here that’s competitive. And when you put yourselves in a position to host four home games they’ve got to come down and play on our pitch and be ready to go.

“We’ve got nothing to lose we’re going against the big boys and they’re expected to come down here and win and stay in the Super League.

“But I’m confident we’ve got a squad here thats going to be available and ready to go.”



Soward felt like he had unfinished business with London after his short stint with the club in 2013.

“I was in talks with a few Super League clubs but it was just a matter of talking to Tony Rea and getting in touch with him from last time I was here,” he said.

“I felt like i had some unfinished business coming back.

“Last time I had a great time but didn’t achieve what I wanted to on the field, so now I can come back and repay the club and David and the fans with hopefully some good performances and hopefully getting into Super League.”

Soward has been linked with a move to one of Widnes, St Helens and Leeds next year. But the former NSW Origin halfback said he has not made any decision at this point on 2017.

“I’ll definitely be in the UK it’s just a matter of where at the moment for me,” he said.

“I’ll be looking to gain promotion with the Broncos and if that happens then I’ll be staying but if not then I’ll sit down with my manager and my Mrs to try and sort something out.

“I know that Super League clubs over here are pretty much set for halves but I’d like to think I’ve got something to offer for a couple of years, so I will just have to wait and see.

“I probably won’t make a decision until I know what’s going on here in London.”

Soward has a burgeoning media career in Australia and plans to get into coaching when he retires, but the 31-year old feels he still has a few good more years left as a player.

“The hardest thing was I’ve got some pretty good ties in Fox Sports back home and I’ve got a keen eye for coaching, so there’s options there,” he said.

“But i guess while I’m over here in the UK ill try and check some resources over here, see what’s going on at Sky.

“I think I’ve got a lot to offer to the media and I’m pretty confident in myself that i can read the game.”
Soward said he won’t be fazed by Batley’s famous slope when he debuts tomorrow.

“Away at Batley, I heard it’s like running up a hill,” he said.

“Apparently it’s on a slope but well just wait and see, I’ve played on all kinds of fields nothing really phases me anymore.”

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