Jackson Hastings fires back to social media abuse

Super League Man of Steel Jackson Hastings has hit back at abuse he has received for comments made about a possible return to the NRL.

The Wigan half-back was interviewed by Fox League in Australia, where he discussed his openness about a move back Down Under with the right club.

A Grand Finalist with Salford last season, Hastings copped for criticism from a portion of Wigan fans for his comments, just seven games in to his Warriors career.

He tweeted: “A lot of uneducated and abusive tweets being sent to me.

“Listen to the whole interview not the 40 seconds you’re fixated on.

“Whose to say my family won’t move over & I play my career out here.”

Hastings had a delayed arrival at Wigan having been afforded a late return to pre-season due to his commitments with Great Britain.

That caused some speculation that he was trying to back out of his move to the DW Stadium, talk that was later rubbished by the former Manly star.

He signed for Wigan as a marquee player on a two-year deal for 2020 back in July, though his deal does have an NRL get-out clause at the end of this season.

His mother Meg also took to Twitter to defend her son.

She tweeted: “Hope all them ‘fans’ that are abusing my son for answering a question, aren’t the same that make him take a photo after every single game.

“Would love to see how they react to there (sic) kids getting bullied by grown men lol pretty embarrassing. Wonder why kids hurt themselves.”


  1. Ignore those idiots just use the God given talent that you have been given them fans will hopefully go away best of luck for the future .

  2. Am not 100% on this but didn’t his contract with the warriors have a go back to nrl after so long if clubs interested most Australian players do these days. So what’s the problem players change clubs every year as long as they turn up and play to the best ofthere abilities shouldn’t be a problem

  3. Not true Wigan fans. Unfortunately there are morons about. You’re a fantastic player and I know it’s easy to say ignore them, but don’t reply to their comments as that will aggravate them more!!!!!!

  4. just do what you heart tell you to do look after ur family,ur doing a great job at Wigan,best of luck for the future.

  5. Ignore the minority of idiot fans Jackson us true wigan fans get behind their players and support them in whatever they do x

  6. No need to explain yourself. Top player and I for one am grateful he’s playing for Wigan. We all get one chance in life and you make of it the best you can. Thanks for your efforts so far.

  7. Ignore the moaners Jackson.I bet ‘Be Kind’ was on their profiles a few weeks ago,keep entertaining us true fans when you get back

  8. Jacko, you can fulfil all your RL dreams here at the DW.
    Don’t bite on what the ignoramus’ write. They’ve got FA better to do. Not true Wiganers, mate

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