“It’s too bloody expensive” – New Zealand veteran slams World Cup ticket prices

World Cup attendances
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Veteran New Zealand forward Jared Waerea-Hargreaves says ticket prices are too high for the World Cup.

The 33-year-old Sydney Roosters prop, who will make his first appearance of the tournament against Ireland at Headingley on Friday after completing a three-match ban carried over from the NRL season, was asked about disappointing attendances for the group games.

“To be honest I think it’s too bloody expensive,” he told PA. “From what I’m hearing, the tickets are £75, they’re too expensive.

“General admission is £20, £30, £40 to come and watch some pool games, the community needed to be supported financially.

“You want to see full crowds and see what the atmosphere is really about, especially over here, it’s definitely one of a kind. The last couple of weeks have been a bit disappointing.”

Tuesday night’s Group D match between Papua New Guinea and Cook Island attracted a crowd of 6,273 at the Halliwell Jones Stadium in Warrington.

Back in action

Waerea-Hargreaves admitted he feared his suspension, imposed for a dangerous tackle during the Roosters’ defeat by South Sydney in the elimination semi-final in September, would cost him a World Cup place.

But he was able to count New Zealand’s warm-up match versus Leeds towards the ban and, after sitting out the group games against Lebanon and Jamaica, he can now look forward to getting his tournament under way against Ireland.

“It’s been quite frustrating,” he said. “You come away and all you want to do is play but I’m happy now I’m in the mix again.

“I need to get out and play as long and as hard as I can and hopefully that leads me into selection the following week.

“We’ve spoken about momentum going into the quarter-finals so we want to be playing our best footy this Friday against Ireland.”

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  1. I only paid £10 for my ticket for Wales v The Cook islands, it’s the most reasonable priced ticket I have ever bought. Someone has been given false information

  2. It seems everyone apart from the organisers are saying it’s to effin expensive.
    The press, the public and now, the players. It should tell them something.
    What’s worse, is that the buggers sent me, and I presume lots of others, a questionnaire about the tickets and why we weren’t buying them. I am guessing the number 1 answer was ‘too expensive’.
    In Hull, the cheapest seats were 25 quid. There weren’t many of them. The others, geez 45, 55, 75! There ain’t anyone around here who would pay 75 quid. Wouldn’t pay that for the final if the Lord God himself was appearing.
    You got it wrong, admit it, drop the prices and then resign.

  3. Costing me £50 for Me and my Dad but obviously will be stuck in a corner while your £75 seats will be empty.
    Fill area’s which tv pick up and it will create more of a atmosphere as well a pleasing on the for coverage.
    Understand is just business for RL but look at economic situation and adapt change.
    Don’t compare to union please. As prices for semis/final should be more than all rounds BEFORE should be £16-£18

  4. I totally agree with Pete Hall, there is absolutely no way we could afford the prices here in Hull. Don’t these people realise that R/L is played in probably one of the most deprived areas of Britain. How much did the BBC pay for the rights to the game? That should surely have been enough to subsidise the tickets.

  5. I agree the prices are too high for the World Cup, you can see on tv half of the venues are half empty. In 2013 the prices were far more reasonable and grounds were full.

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