It’s all about fun for Finn with Ireland

Wakefield halfback Liam Finn has returned to club training feeling refreshed after finishing last season with another European Championship campaign with Ireland.

Going away and representing the Boys in Green is something that Finn, whose father Brendan was from County Wexford, always enjoys.

Ireland coach Mark Aston is a big believer in building team spirit, which makes Ireland camps all the more enjoyable for Finn.

“It was very enjoyable, I enjoy every year going and playing for Ireland,” he told Love Rugby League.

“It’s something I look forward to, and it’s a little bit different to your club rugby, and a little more relaxed, as it’s the group coming together and getting to know each other.

“You get to go out and play and enjoy yourself with your mates.

“Obviously we have a good time as well taking it very seriously and trying to get the results.

“That’s what it’s all about. We all started playing the game to have a bit of fun, and we’re no different when we get together with the Ireland team.

“It’s something that’s big on our agenda as players. It’s certainly on Tubby’s agenda as a coach, to enjoy yourself in the camp, during the game and after the game.”

The Ireland team features more and more domestic-raised players each year, something which Finn views as a real positive.

“We’ve always had domestic lads coming and playing in the team, it’s just recently that they’ve had the platform to kick on in,” he said.

“We need to keep them involved in rugby league, so that they can come back every year, because they just seem to start getting a foothold in the game and then it seems to be that options are limited for them.

“Some of them have been coming over and playing in the second tier, and hopefully it gives them an impetus to stay within the game and improve.

“Hopefully that will prove well for Irish rugby league.

“I reckon that they all come in and add something.

“Casey Dunne is a mad as they come, and he definitely adds something to the group.

“There’s Graham O’Keefe who’s over playing at Gloucester All Golds. Lads like that add that extra spark, and a little bit of extra meaning for us to go and play.

“It’s not about going and just taking a team of exiles to play.

“Obviously we’re proud to play for Ireland, but we want to help the game grow too.”

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