Italy name squad for World Cup

Italy have named their squad for the World Cup, and it includes 12 players from the NRL and three from Super League.

The three from Super League are St Helens prop Anthony Laffranchi, former Salford back-rower Vic Mauro and Warrington youngster James Saltonstall.

Former Australia international Craig Gower, who has played rugby union for Italy, is included, as is Terry Campese, nephew of former Australian rugby union legend David.

Italy kick-off their campaign against Wales as part of the opening day double header at the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff.

Italy squad: Christophe Calegari (Lezignan), Terry Campese (Canberra), Joel Celerino (North West Roosters), Chris Centrone (North Sydney Bears), Fabrizio Ciaurro (Tirreno Sharks), Cameron Ciraldo (Penrith), Ben Falcone (South Logan), Sam Gardel (South Logan), Aidan Guerra (Sydney Roosters), Ryan Ghetti (Northern Pride), Craig Gower (Newcastle), Gavin Hiscox (Central Capras), Anthony Laffranchi (St Helens), Vic Mauro (Salford), Anthony Minichiello (Sydney Roosters), Mark Minichiello (Sydney Roosters), Joshua Mantellato (Newcastle), Dean Parata (Parramatta), Joel Riethmuller (North Queensland), Brenden Santi (Wests Tigers), James Saltonstall (Warrington), James Tedesco (Wests Tigers), Ryan Tramonte (Windsor Wolves), Paul Vaughan (Canberra)

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