Italy name European Cup squad

Gateshead’s Paul Franze and former Celtic centre Mark Dalle Cort are the familiar faces in Italy‘s squad for the European Cup next month.

The squad is made up of stars from the Italian domestic competition, although Bradford centre Chris Nero has had to withdraw due to needing surgery.

Exciting half back Dominic Brambani, who starred with Castleford and Halifax before a successful spell with Sheffield is included after he spent this season playing on the Gold Coast.

Former Keighley Cougar Marco Ferrazzano has been a stand out for the Azzuri over the past couple of seasons and Chris Borgese, who interested Salford, is also included along with former Workington back Franco Kmet.

Squad: Dominic Brambani (Hinterland Storm), Edoardo Lerna (Woodrush RU), Angelo Ricci (Queensbury), Jonathan Marcinzack (West Bowling), Marco Ferrazzano (Unattached), Jason Dubas Fisher (Leeds Akkies), Cyril Armani (Avignon), Alex D’aprile (Cumbria amateur), Filippo Maserati (Piemonte), Matthew Sands (Lyon), Mauro Di Maggio (Mastini), Paul Stanica (Nafit), Fabio Berzieri (Mastini), Daniele Pasqualini (Mastini), Giovanni Franchi (Mastini), Filippo Veronese (La Rocca), Filippo Righetto (Mastini), Claudio Forte (Nafit), Pierluigi Gentile (Piemonte), Matteo Foschi (Mastini), Nicolino Facco (Nafit), Aidan Guerra (Melbourne), Chris Borgese (Redcliffe), Mark Dalle Cort (unattached), Anthony Severin (Paris), Paul Franze (Gateshead), Daniele Gnata (Nafit), Ludovico Torreggiani (Nafit), Andrea Zacchia (La Rocca), Franco Knet (Wests).

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