Is Super League getting more intense?

The question of whether or not the new structure is working is an issue which many are currently considering in rugby league.

The general consensus amongst fans seems to be that Super League is genuinely closer than it has been for many years, with more games seeming to be closer.

The truest assessment of the success or failure of the restructure can only begin to be accurately delivered at the completion of the current campaign, or even two or three years into the future.

Before that, though, it is interesting to garner the ideas of two of Super League‘s most respected coaches, whose teams are clashing on Thursday evening.

Castleford coach Daryl Powell thinks that the new structure has created a more exciting competition for viewers, though he also believes that there still needs to be more thought given to scheduling.

“I think there’s been some really good games,” said Powell.

“I’m not a fan of the Thursdays, I think that dilutes the quality of the competition, but it’s closer in terms of points.

“Teams are beating each other.”

McDermott is less sure of the general intensity of the competion so far in 2015.

Focusing on his own team’s games, though, he thinks that there have been no straightforward contests for his Rhinos side during this campaign.

“I know in our games that we’ve played, we’ve not had many easy games,” he said.

“I don’t think, therefore, that we’ve been easy to play against either.

“I only really know for us, and it’s been tough for us this year.”

One feature of the campaign so far which has struck Powell is the number of injuries which seem to be occurring, at all teams in Super League.

He does feel that there is more exicitement being built, as the season gathers momentum for the Super Eights.

“There’s a lot of injuries this year. Across the competition there seems to be a lot,” he said.

“But it’s tight, and that creates excitement, particularly as we start rolling towards the back end and the Eights.

“It’s a new concept, you don’t know who’s going to where and what it’s going to look or feel like.

“It’s starting to get towards the interesting element of the new concept and new structure, so it’ll be interesting to see how it rolls on.”

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