Iro suggests Maori play Pacific Islands in Kiwi Origin

Former Wigan and Kiwis star Tony Iro has suggested that New Zealand-origin versus Pacific Islands origin would be a good way to create a State of Origin type contest in New Zealand.

Several ideas have been suggested in recent weeks as to how an Origin style series could work in the Land of the Long White Cloud.

The Kiwis playing internationals against England or the Pacific nations, dividing the Kiwi players as Iro has suggested, or picking teams based on geographical rivalries around Auckland have all been mooted.

“You could look at NZ Origin where the Maori boys and the Kiwi-born boys play against the Pacific Islands,” Iro said.

“I know the Maori team, like the Aboriginal All Stars, already have that tribal feeling in terms of us against the rest.

“For the Island boys, it would be a very talented team with similar cultures as well. I think that would be the best way to do it.

“If you called it New Zealand Origin v Pacific Origin, you have a genuine feeling where it really means something. You could really get a decent and competitive series going.”

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