International eligibility to be shaken up

The eligiblity rules for international rugby league are set to be changed to help smaller nations compete.

According to reports under the changes eligible players can nominate one tier one nation to represent, such as Australia, New Zealand or England, and one tier two nation (for example Wales, Samoa or PNG).

Players will be able to switch between their two countries multiple times within a World Cup cycle of four years, and there will be no stand-down period between a change of allegiance.

Also players of Polynesian heritage, like Anthony Millford and Josh Maguire, can play State of Origin but still be available to turn out for their native island country.

There will be no option for player to swap between England, New Zealand or Australia, rulling out the Morris brothers playing for England in the future.

“In the past, the top three nations have monopolised the talent,” the NRL‘s international development manager Tas Baitieri told The New Zealand Herald.

“The island nations, in particular, haven’t been able to pick their possible teams.”

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