Inside information: Hull & Wigan

With the two finalists setting off for London today, we caught up with Hull’s Kirk Yeaman and Wigan’s Pat Richards for some inside information.

Who is the loudest on the coach?

Yeaman: Mark O’Meley and Joe Westerman like the sound of their own voices, so I’ll say them two.

Richards: You can always hear Sam Tomkins and Josh Charnley.

Who is in charge of the music?

Yeaman: Liam Watts, I don’t know why though – he’s got pretty bad taste.

Richards: Sean O’Loughlin usually, but he’s pretty basic and predictable.

Who are the main motivators?

Yeaman: The older lads mainly – unfortunately that includes me.

Richards: We have a leadership group, there are a lot of players in the squad who can get you going.

Who takes the longest to prepare for a game?

Yeaman: Richard Horne, although you wouldn’t notice.

Richards: Lee Mossop, he takes about 3 hours covering himself in strapping.

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