Inglis wants revival of Aussie ‘war dance’

Greg Inglis, one of the most iconic of modern Indigenous Australian athletes, thinks that the time has come for the Kangaroos to celebrate their national heritage and perform a ‘haka’ style war dance ahead of Test Matches.

The Indigenous All Stars are set to perform the dance before their game on Friday, and Inglis thinks that the Kangroos’ adoption of the dance could leave an inspiring legacy.

“I would love to see it happen without a doubt,” he said, according to Rugby League Week.

“I want to bring that back because it would be something that is unique in rugby league.

“Mal [Meninga] is a supporter of it and I think the majority of the players are.

“I think it is obviously going to be a matter of taking it to the playing group and presenting it to them, and going from there.

“Hopefully it does happen and it sticks around for a very long time because I think we have the chance, as the players of now, to leave a good tradition behind with this cultural dance.”

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