Inglis drops in on Broncos

He is yet to be officially confirmed as a Brisbane player, but Australia superstar Greg Inglis has already acquainted himself with the Broncos.

Inglis, 23, joined the Broncos from Melbourne in August but due to a legal dispute with the Storm he has not been officially released.

The dispute is over a $113,000 bill which is reported to have been incurred during legal proceedings against Inglis following charges that he assaulted his girlfriend in August last year.

Inglis escaped conviction over the incident, but Melbourne want the money paid before he can be released.

He has since met medical staff at the club, who will monitor the Queensland and Australia centre’s recovery from a shoulder reconstruction.

Broncos media manager Trad Mclean added: “It is hoped the legal wrangle can be sorted out to allow Inglis to attend the Broncos’ first day of pre-season training next week.”

Training for the Broncos starts on Monday.

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