In It For The Money

 It's not just Ashton who is going to the over to union. Over the last few years Wigan legends Andy Farrell and Shaun Edwards have left a swell as other British talent (mainly young) such as Karl Pryce, Steven Myler, Chev Walker and Brian Carney have all left.

Continuing to look at Ashton now, he's a Wigan lad born and bred. He grew up in Wigan and no doubt it was a dream to sign for his boyhood-supported club. I really don't think he would have been feeling that same enthusiasm when he signed his name to switch codes for 2008.

He could have left for many reasons but the one I pick out is definitely the £120,000-£140,000 a year that he will be making in union. I think it's quite sad that rugby union has to steal the talent from the superior code of rugby league to succeed as a sport.

I think the RFL should be trying a hell of a lot harder to keep the rugby league talent in rugby league. People wonder why we don't beat the Aussies and one reason is defiantly because rugby union is stealing our young players.

Moving on, as many of you are aware a St Helens 1996 Challenge Cup winning team will be playing rugby league legends all to raise funds for Steve Prescott. Rugby league is a family game and it's wonderful to see this family team up to help a legend of our game in his time of need.

Whether the fans loved him or hated him as a player they're all doing their best to help out. Not many sports would be this concerned or do as many things to help as a sport. I think it's great that the whole game can teams up as one set of fans, as rugby league fans to help a great cause.

In football some fans would be able to talk to a fan from another team without finding a brick through their car window. I think it's good that rugby league fans can have a laugh and a joke without causing trouble. This is why I am a rugby league fan.

I'm going to be taking my three year old cousin to St Helens v Salford on Easter Monday and I know he will be fine, but at a football match he would definitely not be as safe as he would be watching the greatest game of all.

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