I’ll play midweek matches but let us have a mini pre-season first, urges Willie Isa

Wigan forward Willie Isa would be willing to play two or three games a week but wants a mini pre-season before action gets back underway.

The rugby league season has been suspended indefinitely due to the coronavirus pandemic and it is unknown when the campaign will restart.

Isa believes we would be worse off if clubs aren’t allowed to conduct a mini pre-season camp before taking to the field again.

He told the Sky Sports’ Golden Point podcast: “The boys want to play but physically, I don’t think we can go straight in to it. I think we’ll need a mini pre-season sort of thing, maybe three or four weeks before going into it.

“If we are going to play a couple of games a week then it has to be like that – it will be a good opportunity for the squad and it will be good for a few of the younger fellas coming through.

“For me, the sensible thing would be to have a pre-season and then you can throw whatever at us – any time, any place.

“I’m no expert, I’m just a player but I hope we get a pre-season before we start.”


Wigan enjoyed a fine start to the year before the coronavirus outbreak, having won five out of their first seven games.

And Isa says players are willing to do what they can to help the game pull through this difficult period but has pleaded for the authorities to allow them to have a pre-season before play resumes.

He added: “I’m in good nick but I’m not the same as I was a month ago.

“Our sport is unique where it is very physical and you need that solid base of contact on your body to sustain playing two or three games a week.

“It will help the younger lads to have more physical preparation going in to this because I think we’ll be worse off if we go straight in to this because there will be more injuries and some games will lack quality.

“I have no problem with playing games and trying to finish a competition in November but please allow players to prepare as a team and we’ll be ready for it.”

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  1. Totally agree with you Willie, players cannot be put at risk our game is not football. Every last one of you will put there bodies on the line as soon as you start playing again. Respect.

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