Ian Watson accuses referee of “ruining the game” in Salford’s defeat to Leeds

Salford coach Ian Watson accused referee Marcus Griffiths of “ruining the game” after they lost to Leeds.

The Red Devils were leading 8-0 but the Rhinos performed an impressive comeback to complete a 22-8 victory at the AJ Bell Stadium on Saturday afternoon.

Watson accused referee Marcus Griffiths of “washing his hands of Salford” because the home fans got on his back in the match.

He said: “There are things that happened in that second half that are way beyond our control.

“Ten times out of 10 if that tackle on Evalds was on Sky, that’s a penalty. I’d like Ganson to explain that to me and contact us – he needs to come back to me.

“In this game, things are getting tighter and tighter – we’re talking about people’s livelihoods. People who are in charge of the games have got to be doing it the right way and I felt the game was ruined.

“As soon as the crowd went berserk at the referee, he just washed his hands of Salford and refereed the game in a totally different manner.

“That’s what I’m not happy about. People ask for your opinion – you should be able to give your opinion. Ganson needs to get in touch with me and tell me why he’s putting people in charge of a game who can’t control the game.

“I contacted him (Ganson) a few times last year and he never got back to me. We’re not Wigan or St Helens so we’re not important enough to deal with.”

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  1. we at Hull know the feeling well .There are 2 or 3 teams who it seems get different treatment not only by the match officials but by the disciplinary panels

    • That goes for both teams in Hull, arguably Rovers worse than FC!!
      It’s time all the clubs that suffer do what Ian Watson has done and bring to light the inadequacy of the officialdom on the pitch!! I know it’s a thankless task being a referee
      Or touchline officials but we seem to be ging backwards every year.
      We have so much technology now, it should be easier not harder, and don’t keep changing rules in a season as it not only confuses players but fans too?.

  2. The man in charge of referees was poor when he was a ref, so I don’t expect anything different. The sport is bent controlled by the same indivduals for years.

    Do that and then and only then can he have something to whinge about. The problems are always created by the players.

    • Pathetic standard of refereeing, if it happened to Leeds heathrington would have had ganson kissing his feet for forgiveness, double standards as per usual. If the ref would have seen what he’s paid to see perhaps we would have had a level playing field.

    • Like Wigan coach does ????? di t make me laugh ? referees have not a clue and disciplinary panel please themselves with differing actions for same offence depending on what colour shirt you wear

    • His comments are about the most inept display of refereeing I have seen in many years of watching this sport,if this lad was deemed capable of running a super league game then the head of referees has got some answering to do,but he can’t be contacted so how do we sort this mess out

  4. I agree with some of the comments I have just read, the refs have a difficult job and don’t always get it right. The play the ball is still disgraceful . It should be played with the foot end of , if it isn’t penalise the player .

  5. Refs will make mistakes and without them we have no game – what is ruining it for fans is the inconsistency the most influential on results being the speed of ptb and how far you are taken back, get the rub here and 9/10 you win

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