Hunslet to adopt rampant lion crest

Hunslet have confirmed that they will have a rampant lion as their new badge for the 2017 season.

The vote took place on Saturday prior to the club;s League 1 defeat to Toulouse in their final home game of the season.

The vote was close, with 200 ballots cast, and the proposed lion crest beating one featuring a phoenix by just 16 votes, 108 to 92

General Manager Martin Flynn felt the ballot reflected the club’s traditions.

“We always knew that it was going to be close as both crests have played a huge part in our history and are very popular amongst supporters of all ages,” he said.

“Our supporters have voted and their decision now means that we will now adopt the Rampant Lion as our new club crest.

“These are exciting times for the club and we thank our supporters for playing their part in shaping the future of our club.

“We will continue to update our supporters as we go on this journey together. This is only the beginning of what we believe will be an exciting new era for Hunslet R.L.F.C.”

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