Hull KR chief slams “abhorrent” disciplinary process

Hull KR owner Neil Hudgell has slammed the RFL disciplinary panel after Joel Tomkins’ one match ban was upheld.

Tomkins, 32, was cited following a tackle in the Magic Weekend win over Salford, and will now miss the Challenge Cup quarter-final against Warrington.

Husgell said: “I don’t agree with the outcome of tonight’s hearing, but I respect it.

“What I find abhorrent is the sheer inconsistency in cases that reach a hearing. Some do and some don’t, very often without any semblance of rationale sitting behind the decisions.

“We referred to a similar incident that was lower graded, and which the panel said warranted a higher charge but that they could not use that as a benchmark from which to set Joel’s punishment. How does that not undermine integrity?

“We couldn’t refer to another similar incident as it brought no charge at all.

“Both were equally culpable, and in several respects worse than the Joel’s in our opinion. Both will play in the Coral Challenge Cup Quarter Finals this weekend but Joel will not, how is that fair and proper?

“I’m very concerned when we leave Paul Cullen and his department to deliver this selective justice. There’s nothing wrong with the system, just some of the people in it.

“The explanation of the basis for charging is baffling and has changed over the last 24 hours giving the impression of being made up on the hoof.

“We face a big job Friday as it is without our opponents being given an extra leg up.”

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