Hull amateurs scoop raffle prize

Myton Warriors have been rewarded with £1,500 worth of kit and equipment for the club after selling the most tickets for the 2010 Community Game Raffle.

The Hull side sold an amazing 2000 tickets, totalling £1,500 raised for the club, and the Warriors have also been allocated a hospitality box at this year’s Engage Super League Grand Final at Old Trafford on October 2.

Lee James, the clubs fundraiser admits how important the money and the equipment will be to aid the development of Myton Warriors.

“As a club we have been struggling to find finance for a new kit, sponsorship and equipment because all of our local businesses are struggling at the moment.

“I wrote a letter that was sent out to the fans to let them know about the raffle and explained how amazing the prizes were for them as supporters and for our club.

“We needed their assistance and we knew that with our supporters behind us we could sell many tickets which would help to fund our clubs new equipment and kit, but also new match balls, polo shirts and water bottles for match day.”

James was also quick to praise the clubs loyal fan base for all of their hard work and generosity. “The support from our fans is brilliant, we couldn’t function without them.”

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